About Anna Elizabeth Lenoir

Over the years, versatile entrepreneur Anna Elizabeth Lenoir has managed a number of businesses in the arts, as well as in the medical, beauty, and natural resources industries, amassing a strong record in her various pursuits. President and owner of three businesses in the Greater Miami region, Anna Lenoir recently added to her professional responsibilities by opening a branch of Painting With A Twist, the Falls, which brings the joy of painting to adults in a fun, festive setting. As Chief Executive Officer of Lenoir Forest Preservation Inc. since 2008, Ms. Lenoir invests her work with an unwavering commitment to the sustainable harvest of timber and a sound environmental future for generations to come.

Anna Elizabeth Lenoir’s other professional endeavors include the management of cosmetic research firm, Savon Tonique Inc., and Bioterrorism & Infectious Disease Center for Pediatrics, Inc., which investigates, among other things, contagions and infectious diseases that affect children. Aside from her work, she hosts French exchange students, goes scuba diving, and practices Bikram yoga whenever possible.

Educated in interior design at the University of Florida, Anna Elizabeth Lenoir also studied at Maryville University in St. Louis, graduating first in her BFA class. While there, she earned several outstanding student awards and art prizes and received a SOURCE Award from Cooper Lighting. In addition, she co-authored a children’s book, Napoleon Daze, which the Children’s Museum Collection published in 1997.


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